Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 8-10
These past days have been filled with a lot of emotion! I have never felt God so much in my life! I love the feeling! Thursday was everyones last day on work sites. In my groups case that was our community service day. We went to a high school they are opening this year. It's an alternative school that gets kids caught up on everything in 2 years. They said most kids that go there range from the ages 17 to 20 years, and be on a 3rd grade reading level. It was awesome to work on it and help the teachers get ready for school. They start this Monday! Keep them in your prayers please. That night was a very special worship service. It was the last one as a group! We had communion and also participated in a washing of feet service! Those are so powerful! For someone to do that is just really awesome! I cried so much and it really hit me. I realized how far I was from God, during that I felt he pulling me back in and saying "I am still here with open arms." I just really felt his presence! It was really powerful, and a great way to end this wonderful experience. Well, I thought that was the end. Saturday we stayed in Beaumont where we had our own worship service just us as a group. We started this week as strangers most of us or not very close at all! Now we have a family! The youth helped put it together which was pretty cool to get to help with it! We had a part in the service where we saw God this week and I told everyone that I saw God working in each one of them all week! God as mysterious ways of working and this week was one of them, as many people said during this! It was a very powerful moment filled with tears of joy and happiness! We also had candles to light as a prayer for someone! This, was the most powerful thing I had felt and everyone else I think felt the same! This week has been so important to me and everyone else! God showed himself and worked through all of us this week! We now are a family and will always have each other to lean on! Today, was a sad day. We said goodbye to many people of the group! I cried a lot again today. Two of them I had grow very close to and are now brothers to me! We are already planning reunions with all of them! I am very excited for them! Tomorrow we will be HOME! Most of the time I would be very excited, however I would have stayed here for much longer! Please pray for safe travels!
God is Good!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 7! Today was another awesome day! :) We started the day with some interesting pancakes for breakfast! They were a little burnt! Then, we had worship which was a great way to start the day. Next, it was off to the site for the last day, tomorrow we go to a day camp for a community service day! It was a sad day since it was the last one! However, it was an awesome day! I got Tyler back from pouring water on my head :)! Then, I drop a entire thing of screws in the mud! (It was my fail for the day) The best part about today was that we got to write on the boards of the house so if anyone goes down under the house they will see our names! We even said "Look us up on Facebook!" During free time we got to just mess around and take videos and pictures it was great! Tonight's entertain was a awesome singer who is going to try out for The Voice! Her name was Christian Drake! She was AWESOME!!!! :) In worship we had communion which is always the greatest with a lot of people! Being here is the best I don't wanna go home! I am having an awesome time! And loving all the people here! Keep us in your prayers! :)
God is Good!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 6! Today was the best day so far! I made two new best friends Lee and Lucas :) We started the day with breakfast of course! Then we went to the worksite early. We even had music today at the site which made it so much more fun! I also got to use a power saw :) We even made homemade chairs which was thanks to Tyler and Spencer! After a long day working we got Snowballs! Its a snowcone but here they call them Snowballs! And for dinner we had Gumbo! It was sooooo good!!!!!! Then, we spent the night playing games and doing dances! It was awesome! Today was AWESOME!!!!
God is good!
Keep us in your prayers :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 5! Today was a pretty good day! It was the second day on the site. We started the day with breakfast which was very good of course. Then we were at the sites at 9 so today was a long day! It was way hotter today then yesterday. We got a lot of work done and even had a nice breeze. We got to stay the whole day, we thought we were gonna get to leave early but it ended up not raining! We got back to the camp and had the afternoon off which was nice after a long hot day! Then, we spent the evening at a Bayou where we were eaten by mosquitoes! Came back to the camp and had worship which calmed everyone down for bed (not really) but it was a great service with an awesome message! Today was an awesome day!
God is God!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 4! Today was our first day at our work sites!!! We started the day with a awesome breakfast! This, is the place where the day started to become my "birthday"! Tim of course decided to embarrass me all day long by saying it was my birthday and had everyone sing to me about 8 times!!! I was really red! Then, we were off to the sites! My site is a pretty cool one. This house is the first house they are building from the ground up and going to sell it. There is nothing but some foundation and that is also what we are working on. Another great thing today was it RAINED!!!!Yes, RAIN fell from the sky and poured! It was really refreshing. However, it stopped the progress from today and had to leave early. We got back to the camp and showered. My group cooked dinner also. Which was chili, rice, corn, cornbread, AND banana pudding! Weird combination I know :)! Then, we spent the night in French Quarter! Which was interesting and pretty cool! It was a great night and ha some awesome food! Today was a great day! Please continue to send your prayers and help that going!
God is Good!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 3! Today we arrived at New Orleans (Finally). We started today with a church service in Beaumont at 8:30 this morning. It was a small service but you still felt the Lord! The ride today was the best of all because we all knew each other and laughed and talked the whole time! We ate lunch in a real restaurant instead of a parking lot! :) We arrived here around 3 and got to settle in before starting the night! We started the night with pizza which is always good! Then got a orientation on the week and what to except also, had a little game to break it up which was nice. Then, we got to have worship and sing! I have to say, the part that the music stops and all you hear is people singing! You can really feel the Lord in that! It was a great way to end the day. Tomorrow we start working on houses. They broke us up into groups in what we are doing. I am in construction, others are in siding, and insulation, paint, stuff like that. Pray for us all tom morrow in being able to work through the heat and remember what we are here for!
God is good!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 2! Today we became a whole group. We traveled from The Colony to Mexia to pick up the rest of the group. Then, we traveled to Beaumont, Texas. We arrived about 5 in the evening where we were greeted by some wonderful adults and youth. They even took us to a wonderful Mexican food restaurant called Crazy Jose's. It was delicious! We all had a great time with throwing napkins and ice! With my dad you cant go anywhere without that! We then came back to the church to play games with the youth. It was a great time and I got to know most everyone's names, which is always great! We ended the night with a awesome singing session with guitars! It was a great way to end the day! We always have to remember why we are doing this! This is for God and we are working through Him for Him!
God is good!